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Kelly Sneddon AuroraMaryland Classical Dance Academy (MCDA)

Director:  Deborah M. Engerman

Maryland Classical Dance Academy is a nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to support the educational programs of a classical dance division where the Nutcracker is the focus of the Academy, along with advanced international ballet competitions offered to an exclusive group of select, chosen, advanced classical track students. 

MCDA invites students to participate in an advanced training program under the direction of Deborah Engerman.  Students are invited based on their natural inclination towards ballet and must show potential to develop into an accomplished ballet dancer.  Students who participate in the training program are on a track that will allow them to be considered for participating in international ballet competitions, such as Youth America Grand Prix.  Participants in the YAGP have the opportunity to be recognized for scholarships with professional ballet companies and their affiliated schools along with the recognition that will carry forward into their future as a dancer in the professional dance world.

It is the goal of MCDA to establish a scholarship component, where money raised can be utilized to help deserving dancers offset the costs involved in pursuing an advanced course of study in dance.







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